"One enterprising companies have the ability to generate economic activity, create jobs and progress and get to have a real territorial and economic balance"

The Talent Factory is committed to value the importance of entrepreneurship in a pedagogical way, to help young people set a realistic scenario of job opportunities for future public / private initiative.

The Talent Factory objective is to expose the student entrepreneurial talent and foster the entrepreneurial spirit of young people and encourage knowledge of the business world , providing them with skills and tools to facilitate access to the entrepreneurial culture and the achievement of future business projects that may develop. Talent Factory affects aspects such as : the need to foster the entrepreneurial talent of the young students and begin the adventure of creating self-employment , making them aware of success stories in the world of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs firsthand knowledge of local and their companies.Working concepts necessary to provide them the opportunity to become entrepreneurs , working as a business plan , analyzing the possibilities of detecting a business idea to market needs covering , the added value , etc. .In the hands of public institutions as close to citizens and municipalities, Talent Factory supports the achievement of one of the priorities of the current government , economic recovery and the creation of jobs in this sense , there is unanimity as for the need to act to regain emprenderos spirit of citizens, especially minors . It is vital in this regard , to introduce entrepreneurship in educational programs.
The current economic situation makes it very difficult economic renewal of the country, only the creation of new companies and freelancers is can stop the fall in occupancy and start regenerating the economy and create jobs. Still, the entrepreneurial culture in Catalonia has been sharply reduced in recent years . The municipality has as a priority the economic recovery and job creation , is in this sense that we must act to restore the entrepreneurial spirit of citizens, in particular young people. Talent Factory, project is part of the need for entrepreneurship in education , as a living and active society that wants to respond to the current economic and structural crisis and building a sustainable social settings in the future and resistant to possible new situations like the present, has to have a population capable of generating economic activity and jobs in itself , this mainly stems from a young enterprising and able business ability to give shape to their ideas and creations and thus create jobs in the near future .Still, we must broaden the scope of the action to all high school students and vocational training, thus why the process more universal and can participate in the project of " Awards for Best Gava and Viladecans entrepreneurship ."The prize structure consists of presenting an entrepreneurial project and is able to expand , shape and finish with a concrete business plan by involving qualified individuals from the world of business Gava and Viladecans, representing the figure of successful entrepreneurs , and to provide participants with knowledge and skills about entrepreneurship and business.

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